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Originally Posted by reneepw View Post
Good morning everyone. Today is my son's last exam; last day of high school. how did this happen? Didn't I just watch him get on the bus for the very first time?? Anyway.. I just wanted to say good morning too. I started exercise this week (i'm in week 5). My coach said to keep the intense cardio to once a week so I went to kickboxing class Tuesday and last night walked 1.5 miles. i've tried doing some reading on cardio and ketosis and honestly there's some confusing information out there. I'm going to take the advice you all give and just see how it affects me at my WI next week. All I know is that I feel better mentally when I get to hit something I didn't spar, but just hitting the bag and drilling was a mental break.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
It was only yesterday! My son is 9 and I have his cute little face burned in my mind. Be grabbed the railing on the bus and pulled himself up that first step. He had an enormous smile on his face. He loved riding the bus. He used to fall asleep on the bus on the way home.

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