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Good morning everyone. I haven't posted in a bit but I have lurked whenever I can find the time (I'm on dial-up, no choice here, and even going to the next page takes soooo long and sometimes even causes my Internet Explorer to stop working and freeze up! Very frustrating!)

Anyway, I wanted to share my coach's latest advice as I am a bit frustrated and starting to feel like it's all a sales pitch (or "push"). Three weeks ago I started the Novi-Cure and have not felt as well physically while doing it but, I followed her advice and the results on the scale have been great. Two weeks ago I started three weeks of what she calls the "cellulite program"-no restricted whatsoever (that's been hard) and no occasional vegetable (getting pretty boring).

After yesterday's WI I am now 2.2 pounds from goal! I am thrilled beyond belief! However, my coach has said all along that I should stay on Phase 1 until I reach goal because, on Phase 2 you only lose "half as much" and you will gain back 3-5 when you move onto Phase 3 and 4 and restore your Glucogen. Now that I am saying even if I don't lose the full 2.2 lbs at next week's WI I want to start Phase 2, she is trying to encourage me to stay on Phase 1 until I am 3-5 pounds under goal!

Reading this forum I know people do still lose in Phase 2 and I have bought 100% IP products from her all along, supplements, WF products, IP food! I'm feeling a bit disapointed with her attitude. I did rebel a bit yesterday and bought some restricted which I plan to have every other day, this week. In the ten weeks I have been on the plan, so far, I have only been "allowed" four weeks of using restricted. Gonna love me some rasberry bars this week. lol.

Thank you for letting me vent this morning. I am so, so happy with the IP program and my results, that's what I want to focus on for sure. Just need to be firm at my next WI. (Oh yes, she also introduced me to a personal trainer, who works out of her basement, with this vibration machine? that is supposed to help with target-reducing..)

Hope everyone has a great OP day. Sorry for not "contributing" more often but even as a lurker I feel like I am part of this wonderful family and am so very grateful for all of you.

I'll keep reading, whenever I can.

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