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Don't give up.
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Damilya, hang in there. Even if you regained, you can re-lose, again, too! You've got those 2.5 months to go and you'll do it if you keep your goal in mind!

I slacked off a while and didn't pay attention to diet or exercise, so I'm up to 178 again and I'm feeling bad about it. I'm not giving up, though. I've got more editing to get through so I've got another ten days of hard sedentary work ahead of me. I'm going to keep walking every day and try not to overdo the calories. I gain a little more exercise time in June, though, and I'm hoping to get back down to the 160s in June. I'm glad to have the PhD just about done, now, but it's bringing into sharper focus all the other stuff that's fallen apart and I know I shouldn't just sit here and feel sad -- and I'm not, because I'm going out and doing all kinds of social things, but I'm still sad and that makes me disinclined to work out or do anything other than the daily tasks that are due. It feels pathetic and I hate it. I know that the weight loss is easier for some people than others and that I'm just one of those people for whom the whole thing will be tough because my emotions get to me, but, I just have to accept it and move on and not give up.

I've stayed under my 1100 calories all weekend and today. I walked every day (3 miles), too. And each day, I added one other activity to my day. Squats on Saturday, Crunches on Sunday, and Push-Ups today. I don't care that I'm not going to win any competitions this way, but I'm trying to stick to my resolve of doing active things every day and not screwing up my diet. Even a couple of weeks off has had disastrous results. :/ Well, what's re-gained can be re-lost, right?

Still at it.
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