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I believe Molly hit the nail on the head. I've had a great experience with my coaches and clinic. Even just the 20 min one on one has helped me. The women running my clinic are all very fit but have all used IP to loose some weight, not sure on every ones stats, it's not really my business but I know one of the ladies lost 70# so that is real enough for me. But if you're not getting what you need there this place is, as you know, WONDERFUL.

Just little things from my coach like looking at my food journal and making suggestions and the first visit I had when the coach told me about alternatives phase 1 with Regular food. The alt. phase 1 plan and my coach telling me (at 470#) that I needed 5 packets and up to 7 a day if necessary was a HUGE thing for me. I never would have made it on 3 packets a day and with out the Alt. Phase 1 plan. But I've been doing pretty well and the coaching has made a big difference. I have Never stuck with a diet this long, done this well and been this motivated. Boot Camp worked but used pain and fear as motovatiors. I was a "Fat Body" and on the "Fat Body" "Diet Tray Plan" it sucked. I used to go to bed dreaming of food. The guys who bunked around me used to ask what was for dinner tonight and I would go on and on for a few min. That was fun but once I got out I lived those dreams way to often. I think that's one of the reasons I never maintained that weight loss. Too much negative reinforcement.

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