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Originally Posted by angien03 View Post
I just need to vent a bit. I get the impression that where i participate in IP, these coaches have never had a weight problem. It's very impersonal. I walk in, she looks at the file to see my name. We walk in the room I get on the scale then she looks at my journal (glances more like it). She never asks me about how I'm feeling or problems I may be having, not to mention she looks about 20 (sorry, no offense to you younger ones out there) They all are very young. The few questions I did have she didn't have any answers to (such as changes in TOM, mood swings, etc...).
My coach should be just that, a C O A C H. I lost 4 lbs last week and actually left feeling worse than when I went in there. I think it may be better to just do it on my own, but the weekly meeting keeps me accountable.

Anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions? It's the one downfall to IP for me.
You are not alone, unfortunately.

My coach was not 20. She stated on the program, but the last meeting I had with her (I quit about 6 weeks ago), she said she cheated all the time and the laughed about it. But, when I only lost 2 pounds, she accused me of cheating. That happened a lot, as most every week, I only lost 2 pounds (I'm in my early 60s, post menopausal and have some health issues with water retention - I'm not going to lose much faster). I couldn't handle being demoralized all the time. Oh yeah, she highly disliked this forum. She felt it was very destructive to someone on the program.

The forum can be your weekly accountability. Weigh each week. Report in to us. Ask us those questions you can't get answers for. The people on here are a wealth of knowledge and more than willing to help in every way they can. Those of us who've been on the program for awhile probably have experienced what you're wondering about or being bothered by.

It's unfortunate Ideal Protein doesn't monitor those who administer the program. It's such a great program. I would really encourage you to think about using the forum as your coach. Please don't give up and don't stay discouraged.

We're all here to help each other.

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