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Default My coach......

I just need to vent a bit. I get the impression that where i participate in IP, these coaches have never had a weight problem. It's very impersonal. I walk in, she looks at the file to see my name. We walk in the room I get on the scale then she looks at my journal (glances more like it). She never asks me about how I'm feeling or problems I may be having, not to mention she looks about 20 (sorry, no offense to you younger ones out there) They all are very young. The few questions I did have she didn't have any answers to (such as changes in TOM, mood swings, etc...).
My coach should be just that, a C O A C H. I lost 4 lbs last week and actually left feeling worse than when I went in there. I think it may be better to just do it on my own, but the weekly meeting keeps me accountable.

Anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions? It's the one downfall to IP for me.
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