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Yep I totally relate. I've never really been an overeater, I'm very good at portioning my meals and sticking to it. But I always used food as a way to numb anger or sadness, and always on my own.

Honestly the only way I finally broke this cycle which spanned most of my teen years was a really awesome ED specialized therapist who taught me to actually BE angry or sad, and not eat my feelings away. Food was like, my voice when I was hurting, because I couldn't verbally let anyone know I wasn't happy. Sometimes I'd just sit in my room packing away serious amounts of food totally brimming with all kinds of emotions because of something which has happened-It never occurred to me to put the food down and confront the source. I guess I do tend to think of binge eating problems more to do with something emotional-I used to think I understood why I had my food issues, then I went through therapy and really got what it meant to understand my psyche.

That said I think Kaplods does make a really good point. In relation to it, I did find after many years of yoyo dieting and crash diets etc, after a few months of consistent healthy meals I did feel much more emotionally stable too-Rational I guess. A lot of people yoyo diet and similar to high carb/high sugar diets, they can really mess up your hormones. I remember once bursting into tears because I couldn't get across a road and missed my bus-I can't imagine doing that now.
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