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Default Eating out of spite, anger eating?? Emotional eating.

"They" always say: "It's not what you eat, but what's eating you!" I am digging really hard trying to find out why and how I have become obese. I want to be successful at this.

I have never been thin, but after high school just continued slowly to gain. I think I suffered from growing portion syndrome after marriage and turned to junk food when I became sad or happy or in times of stress....I think.( Is this emotional eating?)......but there may be more....

One of the triggers that I have noticed was that I was eating out of spite at times. For example, a family member told me at dinner that I could not eat fries because I was on a diet, that I was watching what I ate....I proceeded to eat the fry " I am watching what I eat as I put it in my mouth." I ate the fry out of spite. This happens on occasion.

Does any one have experience with this issue? Any psych majors out there? Why do I do this? Do I have mommy issues or something?
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