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His facebook is

His shop website seems down right now, but otherwise it should be found at

Hope these links are acceptable?

Oh... Bill is an absolute sweetheart. He's been doing the protocol and lost over 100# in like 3 months... He has done all sorts of food work for a good while, so he takes just about any recipe and makes it IP friendly. He's even offered that if we have a recipe we need tweaked he'll try and do it for us

I've been to 2 classes (only started IP 5 weeks ago myself) and enjoyed them both. He pretty much gives you a recipe, and he makes 3 items and you get your dinner out of it

Classes have been $30 and have been on Thursday nights at the shop on Main Street. As long as he's not too busy to accommodate you can also drop in and pick up an IP lunch or dinner usually.

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