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Megan, thanks for starting the thread. I'm envious of your early produce ... we are *almost* to the frost-free date where it's safe to plant the sensitive stuff. An early melon would be divine.

allison, it's good to hear that Chico's moving back toward his old habits. Our vet always complimented us on how we kept our dogs trim - he said it contributes more to their lifespan and quality of life than anything else you can do for them. I've been trying to squeeze in a haircolor and cut for about 3 weeks - I feel like a fuzzy skunk.

bargoo, I get the need to grow things out. My cut requires a lot of razoring and thinning and layers - to change it up at all means having to get at least 3 inches on it. It's a long, frustrating wait!

michele, you certainly have a lot to think about this weekend! I like the "maniac" comment - I would find it a compliment to be noticeably more intense at the gym.

saef, I agree that yoga does a great job of finding lots of imperfections. Must be why it's called a "practice"? I am hoping to add some this summer, as there are few ways to spend time that have that high of a "bang for the buck" for both mind and body. Bravo on taking your anger out on the gum - a good brisk walk might help too, if you can get out for a bit. My employer went to great lengths to put a bunch of trails around campus with signs that describe how far/time to complete. With 3000+ people at our location, it can get crowded, especially during "launch season"! It sounds like you are having what we call the "pains of competency". The rewards for mediocrity can sometimes be very tempting, if you can live with yourself. I never could, and I'm sure you couldn't either.

Jessica, you are truly a great doggie-mom. Few people would take the time to thorougly vet the sitter-doggie relationship as you are doing. You should have a lovely vacation, knowing things are going well at home!

I'm back up above the 150 line, grrrrr. TOM is imminent - I can tell by the bloat, irrational thoughts, and the gravitational pull of salty/crunchy things. There is some hopeful news, though. I finished an hour of water aerobics last night, and my shoulder didn't complain during the wall pushups. After the workout, I went over to the lap lanes, and swam 1000 yds in 20 minutes with no pain! This morning - no pain! Could this be the end of the physical excuses?
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