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Saef~breathe deep and relax. This, too, shall pass.

An interesting thing happened last night. I had forgotten to write down which recital hall DD was performing in. We got to the building and I realized my error and there were no signs indicating who was in what hall (there are 3 or 4 halls). There were 40 or 50 people milling about, but DD was nowhere to be seen (obviously she's backstage setting up). I get my phone out to text her (in hopes she has her phone with her) when a nice kid with a nose ring approaches me and DH and says, "you're Dana's parents." Not a question--a statement. From someone I've never seen before. I indicate yes, and he shows us to the correct hall to which I thank him. A few minutes later, a man comes up and again, states "you're Dana's parents." He was the father of the other recitalist. Again, someone I've never met. Finally, a girl approaches me and says, "you're Dana's mom." (This one I actually understood as she's friends with DD on Facebook and I've heard about her.) We had a nice conversation with her and they sat right behind us at the recital. This morning, I had to ask DD about all of this. She said she had no idea how these people knew me (with exception of the last). She did say that the nose-ring guy was a fellow percussionist, but she had no idea why he'd know who we were!

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