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I need my protein and fat in a morning to function so this is my new breakfast:

Croque Madame with Spinach

1 large handful spinach (7)
2 slices wafer thin chicken (36)
40g cheddar cheese finely grated (161)
1 tsp mustard (11)
1 medium poached egg (74)
1 slice seeded bread toasted (127)

Total: 416 calories
24g fat, 21g carb, 29g protein

Thoroughly wash spinach, then with the water still stuck to the leaves wilt in a pan over a low heat.
Spread mustard on toast, then place spinach on top, then layer with the chicken and cheese with the top layer being cheese.
Grill until top is golden and bubbling then top with poached egg and enjoy .

Oh and tip for poaching eggs: You need REALLY fresh eggs.. most supermarket eggs aren't that fresh.. I get them from my own chickens but failing that, drop them in water, if they stand up at all and don't lie completely flat on the bottom they're okay to eat but they won't poach well.
Don't bother with vinegar or anything like that- you don't need that.
Bring a deep pan of water to a rolling boil, swirl fast with a stirrer then crack the egg right into the centre of the swirl. Lower the heat so it's a gentler boil then set a timer and cook for 3 minutes (for a medium to large egg) then remove immediately. This will get you a perfectly soft yolk poached egg.

Overall Goal

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