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how interesting ... I didn't think their food would be available anywhere else. I just joined because they were offering 40% off their food and it made it "somewhat" affordable, considering. I just needed something easier than trying to make my meals separate for my family. I'm still learning (less than a week into it) but there is a morning entree with a protein shake, a mid morning snack of protein, a lunch entree with protein added (egg or cheese), an afternoon snack of fruit, a dinner entree with added carb, and a dessert. It really is a lot of eating but the portions are very small -- which is probably the best part of buying these prepared meals. They want you to add 4 vegetable servings to the diet, 8 glasses of water, and incorporate 3 segments of exercise (10 minutes each). I'm trying ... and am hopeful. HOpe it works for you too.
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