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Question Hi, can someone please help me?

I have been following WW strictly and lieniently for a few months. I had a gain of 1 lb this week which I believe is due to some fluid retention only because I was 10 points under my daily points total for the week and I didn't use any of the flex points so there is no way I actually gained a real lb. But I do have to ask something, I have a foods list that is pretty much a general concensus of common foods that people eat and the servings and the points value, but i was previously told that my values are considerably different from the values from others. For example I used a points calculator to figure out the points value of the Sara Lee 45 calorie and Delightful whole wheat bread. 90 calories a serving (2 slices), 1.5 g fat, 4 g fiber. I plugged in the info and got 1 pt for a serving. I used 2 different calculators! But another member told me that that was wrong, that I was supposed to count it as 2 pts because if I did 1 slice each, they would be 1 pt each. I'm so confused.
Does anyone have an accurate, reliable list of common foods I can use and the link to an equally accurate and reliable calculator since mine is wrong.
Not to lament endlessly, but I was eating these new thin bagels, they are like 110 calories, 1 g fat or so, with like 5 g fiber, whole wheat and I got 1 pt for a bagel. I was told that was not possible. Should I just silence these ofther voices or am I seriously doing this all wrong? Thank you for all your replies to my current dilema. and I look forward to anyone who has a great foods list.
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