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Originally Posted by dizzyjean View Post
I have a question. I've been doing the program for 1 week today, no cheating, and I am still hungry. I'm eating the drinks, salad, veggies, drinking all the water. And I was on a low carb diet right before I started IP, so there wasn't too much of a transition. I started at 202 pounds and will weigh in, in 2 hours.
I'm so pleased to see folks losing weight!
While many dieters start experiencing much less hunger once they're in ketosis, we are all different. And it takes some people longer to get into ketosis than others, as some are more carb sensitive and have to adapt to a lower total level of carbs in order to get/stay in ketosis. These are all things that your coach will help you with on your weekly visits. Perhaps it's taking longer for your body to adapt. Some of us report experiencing hunger on and off through the process - others have very little hunger and practically forget to eat. Just keep following the protocol 100% OP and you'll get results.
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