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Default hello from Canada and looking for some dieting support

I’m Kathie, aged 61, living in rural Ontario, Canada. We moved from the city 7 years ago and love living in this part of Ontario, almost of the shore of Lake Huron. I have been married to my high school sweet heart for 40 years. He has a vending business. So the truck is full of chocolate bars, chips, pop (soda for some of you). There is more junk (muffins, candy, cookies) in the garage in boxes. We have 2 daughters. Christine lives in Ottawa, which takes all day to get there from here. So we see her 2 or 3 times a year. Carolyn lives on a small island off the coast of Honduras, where she does a lot of scuba diving. She gets home once a year and we visit her on a spring holiday. No grandchildren.
I work 3 or 4 days a week as a water operator. This means that I go around to check on small drinking water systems in mobile home parks, rural subdivisions and summer camps. I started this job 7 years ago when we moved from the city.
I like to sew quilts and belong to a quilting guild. This is a new hobby for me, so I am learning. I also like to read from time to time. We live in a great neighbourhood, with lots of social activities. I drive a lot for work and listen to Sirius radio, mostly Stars (Dr. Laura, Just Jenny, The Broads) We have three cats. But I really want a dog. So far, DH is really against having a dog. Perhaps when I really retire, I will get one. The cats are company and I do like having them all.
About 3 years ago in 2009 I lost 30 pounds, from 168 to 138. But now I have most of it back, starting counting at 164. Prior to that, my weight was fairly constant at 165-170. I did get rid of a lot of “fat clothes” three years ago. I need to lose at least 10 pounds, closer to 150, to fit into most of my wardrobe. Most people would be thinking of losing weight for health, but it’s mostly vanity for me. I found FitDay good for me, which I still like. I also followed Spark People. Now I need a change, and found Spark People too busy for my computer. 3FC looks better, less confusing. I hate counting calories and tracking my food, but it’s the only way I can keep control. I also need to weigh myself every day too. This is the only thing that works for me. I have tried other diets, but I make a lot of homemade foods, eat local and seasonal foods. So tracking my own calories is best for me. I will try to be more active, with gardening, walking, kayaking, whatever. I have started yoga again too. Yoga may not burn a lot of calories, but I find it very relaxing. So then I can stay out of the junk food. Another goal is not eating between 2 and 6 in the afternoon. This is a bad time of day for me, as I can snack and nibble too much.
I need to be a part of a group, to keep myself accountable. I am hoping that 3FC can do that. This is my first post on 3FC.
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