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I have a question for all the vegetarians out there.

I'll be going into phase 3 this week and wanted to vary my meat choices for lunch and dinner. Right now I'm eating pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs. But I would love to include more vegetarian choices. I've looked into SmartDogs, SmartStrips, Soy Organic Tempeh, Flax Organic Tempeh, and Original Boca Burgers. They all have under 7g net carbs when consuming around 30g of protein. But the calories and fat are higher than normal animal protein.
My skinless chicken breasts are about 150 calories with 1g of fat and no carbs. 3 large eggs have 216 cal and 15g of fat. These alternative meat products range from 140 to 345 calories. Some have up to 16g of fat, too. Most of the products have only 2-4g of net carbs. The sugars are all under 1.5g of sugar so that's good.

In phase 3 would the extra carbs in the meatless products cause another insulin spike? I know the goal of p3 is to have your insuline spike only in the morning for breakfast, so I don't want to mess up the program.

Anyone have any input?

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