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A great therapist really can help you with self-esteem issues. I'd stay away from drugs, I've been on them and though I firmly believe they can help in extreme situations, I do not believe they are a long-term solution AND as far as anti-depressants go, no one can explain "why" they work and therefore, I'd like to keep them out of my body. You are not going to get self-esteem from a bottle.
Nobody can explain why Aspirin works either. The mysteries of pharmacology are many and if we decided not to take all the medications that weren't fully understood, we wouldn't be taking ANY medications.

While all meds carry risks, the right anti-depressant can be life changing. No, you won't get self-esteem from a bottle, but without the bottle, you might not get it either. The meds don't cure without therapy and, for some, therapy doesn't cure without the meds.

Marisa, I do suggest that you seek counseling. Perhaps meds are needed, perhaps not. The only thing I know for sure is that nobody on the internet can diagnose you or assess your needs. That's what the professionals are for.

Congratulations on all the weight loss and I KNOW that you will be just fine....and that all your dreams are possible!
My goals are not measured in pounds, but rather by the self love and trust gained through Intuitive Eating. I accept that there are no quick fixes. That there is no miracle diet or drug. I will never give another $1 to the $50 billion dollar weight loss industry that fails us time and time again. I welcome the journey back to my own wisdom.

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