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Originally Posted by madamwu View Post
You are rewarded with lower points by making the better nutritional choice of brown rice over white. Pointsplus says choose the brown, but doesn't give you any real incentive--if I got to count it the same, why not just eat the easier to find white rice.
I struggle with this thought. On the one hand, you are right. That is, if brown rice and white rice are the same points then you don't really incentivize someone to eat brown rice. And, yet....the reason why they are the same points plus is that while brown rice may be nutritionally better for you than white rice from a weight loss standpoint there really isn't much caloric difference. So the person who eats 1 cup of brown rice isn't really going to lose weight any faster than the person who eats 1 cup of white rice. So, if WW points are primarily meant to tell us how much to eat so we will lose weight then white and brown rice should be the same points.

For weight loss purposes, your body doesn't really care whether the brown rice is better for just pays attention to the calories....

On the other hand, I didn't really agree with making fruit zero points plus. Yes, I know the idea is to encourage people to eat fruit. But, again, your body doesn't really see that a banana is 0 points plus....your body actually recognizes that the banana has calories and if you eat too many bananas then you won't lose as much weight.

To be logically consistent I can't say that fruit should have points while brown rice should have different points than white rice... Still I keep wanting to make that distinction...
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