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I use a reduced-carb exchange plan, and my plan averages about 1800 calories and about 100g of carbs. I've been having some hunger issues and weight loss stalls, so I've been thinking of lowering my calories or perhaps just my carbs (by eliminating a few starch/bread and/or fruit exchanges and if I decide not to lower my calories, I'll substitute them with the lower-carb exchanges like fat and protein).

I use an exchange plan to control my carbs, because I can overeat enough to stall weight loss on even the lowest carb diet. I need an element of calorie/portion control, and exchange plans work best for me. Most of my 40 years of dieting were done with exchange plans, so they're the most comfortable type of dieting for me, so adapting it to low-carb was very easy. I do have several exchange plan resources (books and online sites) but I have most exchanges memorized I've worked with them so long.
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