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Default Newbie to low carb eating - How low do you go? And what is your caloric intake?

Hi! I have a question about low carb eating - I've been told by both my holistic doctor as well as my regular family doctor to go on a low carb diet due to my PCOD and other health conditions.

I also need to lose a ton of weight - and I've recently become a vegan.

My question is - how many carbs a day should one eat? I've read that 50g and below is the best number for losing weight? But I've found that when I've been eating 50g and below, my caloric intake is super low - like 600 - 800. Here's what I generally eat on an average day (since I've started trying to maintain a fairly low carb diet):

breakfast - fruit and a little bit of something more substantial like vermicelli
lunch - a good amount of brown rice (flakes) with a different lentil curry and atleast 2 different vegetable dishes.
evening snack - coconut water and some tofu and veggie dish - i try to eat something with tofu
dinner - soup and veggies
I also try to drink atleast 2 litres of water a day.

My carb intake is usually between 40g - 55g, but my calories are on the lower end (600 - 800). I'm 5'2, 22 years old and I weight 170 pounds. Do you all generally end up eating fewer calories on a low carb diet? How does this work? Is there anything I should add to my diet? Any responses would be appreciated! Thanks
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