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I used to think I had a problem with emotional eating, but I discovered that WHAT I was eating was the biggest problem. Not only because high-fat/carb "comfort foods" were high in calorie, but because the high carb diet was actually exacerbating the emotional issues. I wasn't just eating high carb foods because I was an emotional wreck, I was an emotional wrek because of the high carb diet.

When I switched to a relatively low-carb (not zero carb), whole food diet, not only did I have more control over my eating, I had more control over my emotions as well. I wasn't so easily irritated, angered, upset, worried.... all the emotions that triggered overeating.

None of this may be true for you at all, but it's worth considering and you might want to consider experimenting with different carb levels and/or eliminating/reducing processed foods and see if you notice a difference.

For me, the effects were initially subtle, but I was keeping a food and symptom/mood journal so after a few months I could go back and look over my journal pages and look for patterns (PMS also has it's own emotional/carb craving issues so I had to look for those patterns as well).

If I eat very low-carb, hunger is almost nonexistent, but I get headaches and other nasty symptoms, so I don't go "super low." But if I go too high, the hunger is constant and I have a hair trigger on my emotions.

Hubby and I calll it my "werewolf" (because it's especially bad around PMS/TOM).
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