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Default Amusing almost slip about fiber by WW leader

Last week at my WW meeting, the subject was increasing fiber. Someone asked about the PointsPlus for rice, and the leader gave her the number. (I'm doing Momentum so I wasn't paying attention to what it was.) Then they asked is brown rice the same as white? She started to say there used to be a difference .... then she caught hereself and said, "yes, they are the same."

This is exactly why I like Momentum better. You are rewarded with lower points by making the better nutritional choice of brown rice over white. Pointsplus says choose the brown, but doesn't give you any real incentive--if I got to count it the same, why not just eat the easier to find white rice.

Now I know I should just be good and do what they say. But I received my B.A. in psychology back in the late 70's, when behaviorism was the "in" thing. I truly understand and believe that classic behavioral conditioning is a strong system of changing behavior and habits. Momentum worked for me by rewarding me making better food choices such as whole grains and higher fiber. The new Pointsplus took alot of that away. Dangling fruit as an incentive doesn't work--I could live the rest of my life without a banana--never liked them. The behavior I learned on Momentum enabled me to lose 20pounds and keep it off. I still have more to go, but I'm going to stick with what works for me. Hard to teach this old rat new tricks!
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