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I haven't tried fiber one in quite a while. I used to eat their bars like crazy, then they started causing severe stomach pain. I did try Kashi Go Lean this weekend and it was good, although not overly filling. We always do "cereal Sunday night" here so it is easy prep & clean up. While OP for MRC I would do my own meal of tuna, chicken, whatever...but the past 2 weeks I've tried a healthy cereal each time with no problems. They don't satisfy greatly so I'm not doing cereal at breakfast, but glad I can engage in cereal Sunday night again. It makes life easy But won't be joining the kids in lucky charms (it's the one time I let them have sugar cereal).

Tomorrow night I have a "salad supper". Basically a big salad potluck. I made a fresh fruit salad and I think there will be a couple of spinach/lettuce ones...but I know there will be unhealthy ones too. Plan on loading my plate with the healthy ones first and after I'm full I may chose one that looks really good. For 5 months I've totally avoided such I think I'm ready.
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