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WI today and there's a full explanation on the April Thread. In a nutshell, maintained since last week.

Had issues with late night hunger over the weekend. I love my counselor and had a great talk with her. Late getting back to work, but worth it in my opinion. Monday through Friday, all seems to be fine with no issues. Work all day (desk job mostly), so not much activity unless I run. By the time I get home, get the family dinner, play with the munckin, and get her to bed and everything ready for the next day, I'm ready to hit the sack. I'm thinking about sleep, not food. The weekends are a different story: more activity, work not preoccupying me, and staying up later at night. I told her last night was my worst fear realized. That I would get to stabilization and be hungry at night. So now we're going to change things up and wait until evening to have both HNS drinks/gelatins/whatever and that should keep me full.

Natalie - Men crack me up! You have to trick them into thinking things were their idea for them to be receptive to them. So cool to see that you've been a good influence on him though. You should be proud! As for Village Inn, I used to love going there...until I started MRC. It is the one restaurant where I've been to multiple locations and they all look at me like I have 3 heads when I want to modify one of their entrees. How dare I! They do not like making changes whatsoever. Great pie though.

Gina - I decided after reading your advice to chill out about making sure what I ate was completely "legal" and perfect. I'm using my 1% milk as my guide. If I keep whatever dairy I have within the nutrition value of the 1% milk, I figure that must be ok, right?

Patzi - Thanks for the new suggestion for McD's. I'll remember that next time I'm stuck in a similar situation.

Tami - I've always used the One-A-Day multivitamin for women. Also, my mom was funny about the weight coming off faster now. She was like, "Duh! It's because you're eating more and it's increasing your metabolism." LOL She's a nurse. What do you expect?!

BigDog - Wish I could do Fiber One, but it tears my stomach up. It's not a pleasant thing.

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