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Originally Posted by Tamikl View Post
Hi ladies

Well, I think I am back to "under control." weight definitely fluctuates during PMS...and it scares me because I never know if it is a true gain, or due to symptoms. This weeks WI should be back to normal.

I am still loving my Kashi bars I get at Wal-mart...I have them for a snack later afternoon...unless I choose a 40 calorie Fudgebar. Those are probably my favorite snacks. I still choose a creamy HNS in the evening....and look forward to that.

I am starting to expand menu options for my dinners...making sure that I have a large helping of salad or veggies regardless just like I have learned. Tonight is Tacos...I will have (1) with a big salad on the side.

Has anyone tried the new cereal out called "Kellogs Krave?" YUMMY Anyway, I will have a bowl of Fiber One cereal and sprinkle a few of those into the mix...very good

I found some spaghetti sauce that is very low in sodium, but it tastes lame I need to find one that is a happy medium...still use MRC Tomato Basil for my stuffed peppers...because I like it.

Eating lots of hardboiled eggs from Easter still...those can get old! LOL

Well, looks like we are all hanging in there...

Jen? I think your weight may be falling off now because you have changed up your diet a bit. Just like tricking our bodies with exercise routines, I think this helps! Congrats!!
i used to eat fiber one all the time when i did WW and sprinkle a little Kashi cereal on top to give it some flavor :-) i also added it to my protein shakes to add fiber and thicken up the shake.
i've tried low sodium tomato soup and it was soooooo bad! i'm guessing the sodium makes it :-) wonder if you could add sea salt to make it taste better and then just drink tons of water to counteract the sodium if you experience water retention?

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