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Originally Posted by Ame D View Post
Thank you for your input. The binging thing I cannot explain, it's almost like robotic and I don't even raelize how much I just ate of whatever. I do not purge at all, unless Im sick or whatever or on a plane (i can't control it!). But I have also planned to ask about that Phentermine medication to jump start it AND doing Medifast maybe together. My portions are huge issue, because I never feel satisfied. So having a slight appetite killing plus a realistic portion might be helpful.

Thanks and congrats on your success!
I was thinking to myself that you could use some form of appetite suppressant, but you might want to go the more natural route of it if possible. Maybe meds can help, but I'm not really big on them. Just run a search for natural appetite suppressants and you should come up with something that can work for you.

If you DO take meds however, just be sure to still work at getting to a point where you don't need them, as you don't want to become dependent on them.
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