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Originally Posted by patzi View Post
I was at a meeting out of town last week, and Lo and Behold there was really nothing I could eat at the hotel,or let's say wanted to eat, but down the block was McDonald's, so bought a real nice salad called Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and it was good and served the purpose. I did not use the dressing. I always have Diet Direct packaged fat free dressings with me and they are real good.
I had my nephew for the day a few weeks ago and he really really really wanted McDonald's, so I went and had that same salad. I was very pleasantly surprised--the veggies and lettuce was really fresh, and the chicken wasn't all weird and processed. It was also a pretty generous size--even though it was about twice as expensive as a value meal, grrrr.

I did eat some of the dressing, but I just squeezed it into the lid off to the side and gently dipped my salad in it as necessary. Hardly used any that way, and it really wasn't a "bad for you" dressing, as it was Newman's Own.

Ugh. Heads-up, all--Village Inn isn't very maintenance-friendly, and what they do have is kinda gross.

We went there after church this morning. I got the veggie omelet, which came with fresh fruit and wheat toast--though I asked for no ranchero sauce. The omelet is made with "low-cholesterol egg substitute," and was supposed to come with a low-fat mozzarella on top. Ben got the greek omelet (made with egg whites), which came with fruit and toast.

Unfortunately, I think the toast was the best part of the whole meal (it was really good, whole-grain bread).

My omelet was rubbery and tasteless, and the cheese on top was rubbery and stringy. The whole thing also came with some liquid on the plate that I couldn't decide if it was grease, moisture from the veggies, or something else. The melon I got in my fruit cup was hard as a rock and underripe. My husband's omelet came with avocado on top (on a Greek omelet?? Weird!), and was sitting in even more liquid. His was also rubbery and tasteless, but at least it looked better than my egg-substitute omelet.

Next time I'll just get a salad--it was just so disappointing, because we were both craving breakfast food. :s
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