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teacherlady-that's funny about your husband...whatever works for him I'm married to a guy that never, ever, ever has had a weight fact when he was working nights he was doing physical labor and got downright too skinny. But he has always been completely supportive and (mostly) okay with eating however I"m eating. A few times he has said he doesn't a spinach beef soup I love!

Jen-I settled for the "no sugar added fat free" fro yo when I was looking. It didn't cause me to gain. Just had some now...tastes like homemade ice cream.

I spent part of the weekend scrapbooking with my MIL & SIL. The week I started MRC I did the same time. I remember packing my cooler, freaking out about doing something totally foreign to me...ordering a salad, saying no to the pizza and chocolate. And it was hard and I wanted to cry. This time eating salads is what I do...and I like it. I packed my snacks. I said no to cake (and it didn't even really tempt me or make me sad). We did eat out at Red Lobster and when I entered my calories into MFP I was shocked at how many calories my shrimp skewers had! Didn't weigh in this morn since I was at the hotel but cut back my calories today to metabalance levels. We'll see what it is like in the morning.
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