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Glad to hear everyone's Easter went well!

I weighed in last week at 168--so I'm actually down another 2lbs. Hubby started a new diet (another funny story I'll explain below) so I've been eating more "plain" for dinners again which I think helped cause the loss.

I was actually up the day after Easter (probably the ham, lol), so I just did a lot of water and one day of metaquick to get it under control (I know I'd also had several extra carbs that day). Easter was great--got to try a little bit of everything, and still had a full slice of lemon meringue pie with about 3-4 strawberries, too. Yum! Been a long time since I've had that much pie in one sitting!

Funny story:
So, hubby decided he wanted to lose some weight (he lost about 10lbs while I was dieting just from eating dinners with me, but he is still pretty heavy). I asked him if he just wanted to do my diet, adjusted for his gender/size. Nope, nuh-uh, he had found this "well-researched" diet by this "well-respected doctor" and had ordered this doctor's book from online. The book arrived and I flipped through it... and it's basically the exact same as the MRC diet. I just had to laugh and roll my eyes. I guess he just needed to feel like he found something that would work for him and that he understood rather than just doing what I did. Whatever. I'm glad he's finding success on it and feeling better about himself (even if he is grouchy from carb withdrawl). However, I still wanted to punch him when he lost 10lbs in the first 10 days. Ugh! MEN! I'm sure it's from simply upping his water, cutting out drinking beer, and not eating out for his lunches at all during that "conditioning" time.
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