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I'm finally back into the "Taking Care of Me" mode, I think! At least I have a couple days off to be in this commonplace!

Alaskan: I really think you need a HRM for accuracy. The machines are just too inaccurate & don't get me started on the MFP site readings. I have no idea where those #s came from. Anniversary gift perhaps? HeartRateMonitorsUSA. com Great job sticking with the It will start to pay off for you

Star: I haven't performed Tae Bo in FOREVER! My sis and I used to do it together a long time ago. I sure do miss working out with her!

JO: How the heck did all of us manage to get on the same schedule is beyond me! I am hoping ovulation will take away ALL of these pesky symptoms I have been experiencing for the past 3 weeks, especially the increased hunger! Being hungry after you just downed 800+ cals BYTES!!
Where is our photo preview, ma'am?
If I ever get out of the hospital, I doubt I will be very enthusiastic about getting back into healthcare. It's a real drag, imo!

Kristiina: I feel your pain with that 149! However, mine is not from the accumulation of lactic acid. I wish it were! For the record, I've been just as as you!! If I hear these words one more time: "What side of the bed did you get out of this morning? Hey, tomorrow morning, can you get out up on my side of the bed?" {DH, of course}

Hi Larry!! Glad you survived Easter without too much damage to your waistline!!

I'm a 13.1!!

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