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Sum, guess where DS and I were most of the day yesterday? Looking for track shoes the day before the first practice. Yup, and he is just about the pickiest kid there is when it comes to shoes. Of course, I knew he needed shoes earlier, but getting him out is another story. I just stopped after his dermatology appt. yesterday so he had no choice. I ended up having to come home and order them since they didn't have his size in the only pair he found that he halfway liked all day long. He is soooo not a shopper. On the other hand, my oldest would shop all day and night with me. Oh, and guess when he started training for track? A week ago He should be sucking wind right about now. . .

Alaskan, I would take the average of the two burns personally. I think mfp is a little high on a lot of things, but your treadmill does sound a little low too.

K9, don't worry dear, I will never be near a size zero in this lifetime . I am shooting for a nice consistent single digit number.
I am an Occupational Therapist. I worked in Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation for most of the years I worked. I have also done a little per diem in a nursing home. I am considering doing a little home care next, but I am not moving on that idea very fast .

Larry, how's it going?
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