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I completely agree with Thistle berry - I think it is largely education. A lot of people think there is this *ONE* magic way to lose weight. They follow the plan and once hit the goal weight they think - I can go back to eating "normal" (linJber- you are so on point there!) they never learn how to manage day by day, meal by meal in the real world away from all the restrictions & rules of the original plan. I know I was like that. I followed calorie counting & my trainer religiously for months. I lost 30 pounds and once i hit goal - *Zap* back to being "normal". add 5 years & I was back at my highest weight. =( THis time I get it, there is no magic plan. "eating Normal" = gaining weight. I will never be normal in that sense again. but I know this time I am mentally prepared for this & more likely to make this permanent. sad though - seeing people struggle. I think we have all been there.

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