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I have regained several times, what I can't stand is that people who have never tried to lose look down on regainers. It can be hard, esp when no one supports you and you have low self-esteem. Now I am working on me on the inside, so that I can maintain.
On the plus side, since I have regained, I know its not that scary and I can always go back to losing the weight-as I have like 4 other times lol, I would just rather not have to go through this losing process again.
I admire the people who live with weight loss saboteurs, I dont think that I could ever lose at home. I'm really relieved that I don't live with my parents anymore lol.
EDIT-I also tell myself that its OK to be a statisical outlier. So what if 95% diets fail or whatever! I've scored pretty high on some tests compared to other test takers, so if I am in that 5% of successful dieters then so be it-its possible.

I listened to my gut and it said "You could do with less of me."

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