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I have the same issue with my sis in law. She is so heavy right now I am shocked. I see her start to try to lose weight, do okay for awhile, and stop. She is a slow loser so she gives up easily. She figures if she only loses a pound every other week, that's just not fast enough and well, just gives up. She doesn't notice if you gain a few pounds a month, that that is soooooo much worse than only losing 1 every few weeks. She has also fallen into the processed food trap, and her kids are just getting fatter and fatter. That makes me sadder than anything else. Knowing there will be yet another generation that does not know what fresh food is, but will be well versed in taking blood sugars and medications for their obesity. My nephew is so big now I did not recognize him, and it has only been a few mos. since I last saw him. It is sad, but I just remember that I don't want to be like that anymore, and that is why I am on this journey again. Maybe if I eventually succeed, I can be a role model for others.
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