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i also have a son who tells me everything at the last minute LOL he's 14....partly the teenager stuff, partly because he's ADHD...and he doesnt focus on anything he's doing, leaving him to spend time re-doing what should have been an easy task *sigh*

this weekend we asked him to bring out the garbage in his room...a little bag he scooped it into a bag and dropped it BY the garbage can in the laundry room, where it tipped over and then we ask him to clean it up and put it outside in our garbage can he cleaned it up and dropped it BY the garbage can outside, where it again spilled all over *sigh* so THEN he had to clean it up and fix it....again

but he won't learn how to do any of this if we do it for him...and believe me it would have been WAY easier just for me to clean it up and throw it out lol

as for the calories thinking i might be burning the higher estimate from MFP because i leave having worked out SO intensely...and have been dripping sweat from my workout for most of the workout time...i love it LOL i love pushing my body like that...and i have a hard time believeing that i could be sweating like that for about 30 of the 45 minutes working out and only have burned 180 calories lol
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