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We are not very chatty this week are we? I know for me, I am busy, and I don't think it is going to let up for a week or two.
I have to break down and go shopping today. We have 3 events coming up in the next week and a half that I have to dress up for. Not really the type of clothing I would like to shop for at this point, but I have nothing. I am hoping to get pieces that I can mix or match, not so much a "dress" or anything that someone will notice if I wore already or not, but not sure if that will work or not. I really hate to buy fitted slacks right now, but I might have to.
I will get my walk in first this morning and then go.
I am ovulating right now and I feel pretty miserable the last 2 days. I feel all bloaty, munchy and a little crabby I must say. Not sure if I am a little crabby because I feel like my head is spinning with what is going on in everyone's lives or if it is the hormones, or both? I broke down and had 2 servings of chocolate last night, putting me over my goal for the day, but it was really good and I really wanted it. Today I will try to fast until I get back from shopping and I may shave off a few calories ,if I can, to make up for that darn chocolate. It was chocolate or wine, and I wanted the chocolate more. Probably would have saved a few calories if I had chosen wine.
Oh well, today is a new day and I am going to rock this day!!!!

I have to tell you guys, DH snapped some pictures while we were out of town for DS birthday and I didn't shy away from the camera and guess what? I actually like what I am seeing in the photos! I am no longer embarrassed of my body when I look at pictures, dare I say I actually liked what I saw? I think I still had the same mental block in my head about pictures because my facial expressions are a little subdued, but I will work on that.

Okay, gotta run
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