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i am here...we had a good easter...i went to the gym yesterday in the morning for incline walking on the treadmill...everyone else must have been at easter services and i had the gym to myself i debated going to church services vs the gym...and the gym won out LOL

i wonder what the real calories burned for me are...the treadmill shows calories burned based on speed alone and doesnt factor in the incline, whether its 0% or 15% max...and do i burn more calories since i'm panting and sweating than a truly fit person would be burning? i have a hard time believing that i can be on the treadmill walking at max incline at a fast pace for 45 minutes, leave drenched in sweat, and only have burned a measly 180 calories???

regardless, thats what i factor into my day...if it says i burned 180 than so be it, thats what goes in my log for the day *sigh*
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