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Originally Posted by Sunflower75 View Post
The new lingo is confusing, I agree. I also don't like that you get less fruit now than with the old plan. To me, even though fruit is a carb, its benefits outweigh the extra carbs.
I agree. I definitely must have my fruit (fresh fruit, not processed) every now and then as a snack at least, and cutting them down to small portions just can't work for me. I LOVE fruit... it's to a point that if I had to choose one fruit or a decent meal I'd probably take the fruit. Not saying that's a good or even partially wise decision, but just reiterating how much I love fruit. Okay, I got off topic... my apologies.

@Sally [pineapple made me think of that Kevin Hart comedy thing, lol]
For what you are looking for, go to nutrisytem's home site, log in, scroll all the way down to the very bottom, then click discussion boards in the footer.
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