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Originally Posted by Arctic Mama View Post
For any control beyond light to medium, I'd suggest boned shape wear instead of spandex.
I agree with you, but for the part of my body I want to shape I am kind of stuck with the lycra option, I think. At least my waist is already small! Silver lining. Thanks!

Originally Posted by kwigg619 View Post
I have a weird shaped body... my hips are 14 inches larger than my waist so a lot of dresses are huge on top and tight on the bottom. I rely on the Target Assets when I want to wear a dress. I find it gives the right amount of support where I need it to make me look curvy instead of odd shaped. What I like most about this brand is that the high waist goes all the way up to my bra so I can kinda tuck it under the bra and it actually stays up even when I sit down. I've never once had to worry about it falling down. I suppose this could be because I"m only 5'3 but I really like not worrying about it slipping down.
I think we have the same weird shape! Thank you, that's exactly what I needed to know. I will hit Target tomorrow.
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