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Pixl: Good luck with your new regime..I say try whatever you need to feel more positive. Experimenting is good. Ip is only approach to life. More important is that you feel good about yourself and what you are doing.

Desperate: I have not added hemp..but did buy chia seeds...have not added them yet.

I eat similar to Paint Lady and Jenny..very few carbs at night if any! Add a fat for lunch..avocado or salad dressing..cheese once in a while.

As I went through all of my clothes, I realized that I really have an entirely new wardorobe for spring. I buy things on the sale racks or get used from friends or thrift. I am loving the spring colors of yellow and orange..or purple and red. So I decided to be ruthless and only keep clothes in my closet that are in 6/8 and that fit..not the loose ones.
Here is the problem..I could not take the stack of 10 pants to the thrift..Somewhere inside me, I thought well if I gain 10 pounds I could need those pants.
So here is my solution..put them all in the basement and at my one year maintenance anniversary..then get rid of them!

So we can all freeze and wear spring clothes, because it is supposed to be spring!!!!!! People at work are wearing cotton dresses!

What I found interesting about clothes is that I have emotional memories of those clothes. rid of that, it was when I was fat..or remembering buying it as I was gaining weight and not being happy. It is such fun to have clothes in my closet that I am happy with and not using to hide my body!
Maintenance 3 years!
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