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Originally Posted by jennydoodle View Post
Hello all! I have been on P1 for 7 days now, and I lost the 3# from the cruise plus an additional 1.8#. Hurrah! I still want to lose 2 more so I can get back to 132, which is where I feel my best.

Can I just say that I forgot how badly P1 s*cks on weekends?!?!?! I have been on maintenance for too long! I really struggled this weekend staying on P1.

As most of you know, my maintenance routine is usually a pretty strict P3 during the week and a little freedom on the weekends. I usually do not do a cheat day, unless it is a special occasion or vacation. This method keeps me in my happy range (132-134) and under my ceiling # (135). As long as I stay under 135, I do not do a P1 day. Now that I am on maintenance, P1 is a real struggle, so I try to keep my diet clean enough to not have to do them on a regular basis.

I will tell you (new maintainers) this, maintenace is all trial and error. I don't know if there are any 2 of us who follow the same maintenance. We all have found / finding what works for us. It is extremely individual. Some people have found (like myself) that they are pretty carb sensitive and cannot really handle a lot of carbs. I have also found that I cannot handle wheat, which practically eliminates a ton of carb options. When I do eat wheat, I gain at least 3# immediately and it takes 2-3 days to work itself out of my system. You will just have to try different things and see how your body reacts and what you can and cannot eat and not gain weight.
Congrats on losing...

I'm still above my range, and totally frustrated with everything IP at the moment. I decided over the weekend that I couldn't deal with all of my negative feelings about food ALL THE TIME. I was sick of feeling guilty about every single thing that I was putting in my mouth. I was feeling completely deprived...

So, I'm going to try something slightly different and see what happens. I'm eating a balanced diet and going to exercise more. If I gain too much weight, I will cross that bridge then.
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