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Originally Posted by EricAnn View Post
Why have some of you given up Starbucks? I only ask because I work there and it's very easy to order/make a drink with less than 50 calories! Maybe I can help with some ideas so you don't have to give it up completely... Any short drinks (and even some tall), sugar free any flavor, non-fat, lattes or cappuccinos will ring in around that 50 calorie mark... Really the only calories come from the milk and cappuccinos only have around half the amount of milk as a latte. As well, tea lattes (not with chai tea lattes though, unless you ask for the tea bag) with sugar free syrups and non-fat milk will be very minimal in calories. Caffe mistos and americano mistos with non-fat milk, and sugar-free syrups if you want, again, only about 50 calories. I was worried when I started, back, on my weight loss journey that Starbucks was going to be my downfall, but I just opt for one of these options and I'm good to go.
Thank you ... I miss Starbucks
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