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Originally Posted by urbannie View Post
<whimper> I've not been to Starbucks in 7 weeks...which is how long I've been on IP. The reason is because they don't carry an unsweetened milk alternative (soy, almond, rice milks).

Does anyone know whether Starbucks would be amenable to me bringing my own milk alternative (ie; unsweetened vanilla almond milk) for steaming and subsequently adding to one of their tasty brews?

In the a substitute (and since my IP coach is cool with it), I've been doing the following each AM:

I microwave 4 oz of Silk brand unsweetened vanilla almond milk in a glass measuring cup to boiling (about 1.5 mins), then add it and a serving of any Torani SF syrup and a dash of cinnamon to a mug. Then I whip it into submission with my Bonjour Automatic Primo Latte frother thingie and add my home-brewed half-caffeinated coffee. Sublime yumminess, IMHO.

FYI: An 8 ounce serving of Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk (UAM) is 35 cals, 1 carb/1 fiber/0 sugar, so at 1/2 serving, I'm only dealing with 17 calories and <1 carb.
I think the Blue Diamond version of UAM is similar, but has five more calories and 1 more carb for an 8 ounce serving.

The Starbucks I work at does have a soy milk... that's strange that yours doesn't. If you go at a quiet time, they will sometimes steam milk you bring in.

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