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Smile Has anyone tried Apidexin?

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I'm new here. I registered to ask if anyone has tried a weight loss pill called Apidexin. I can't post links but a quick Google search will take you to their home page. I read it's been the top weight loss pill for three years straight and after doing a bit of reading I ordered two bottles online. Should reach me in a couple weeks. But after I ordered I found some sites claiming that most Apidexin reviews were likely written by members of staff, and many people complaining of heart palpitations and nausea because of the caffeine and that the regular dosage (two a day) was too strong so they switched to only one. I've experienced similar effects myself to another weight loss pill I tried once. One lady even said it caused her to cough up blood and get a nosebleed but I'm unsure as to whether she was approaching the program in a healthy way, ie maybe she was overdosing or not eating etc. But none of the reviews (real or fake) said anything about it being ineffective.

I've tried plenty of weight loss pills before and I'm looking to lose about 15-20 pounds.This is my first time on one of these forums and I'm not too sure what other information to provide, but hello and nice to meet you! Hopefully you guys and gals can help me out!

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