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Originally Posted by mlucas View Post
Hello All!
Congrats to all the "losers"!!
Today was my WI day and even with my TOM I am 4lbs lighter! Today marks my 1st full month OP and to be honest I did not think I was going to make it. This week has been the best week so far, even with my TOM and the PMS I feel great. I actually was craving the BBQ Crisps so that made it much easier to stay OP!
I realized the other day while makeing dinner for my luvy's that i know the food i was making for them is good, but some what disgusted by it LOL it was ok for them to eat it, but I wanted nothing to do with it. I dont look at food the same anymore.. its either a PROTIEN, CARB or and EMPTY OK food lol. I like that. I feel like I have set my self free from the emotional hold food had on me! Which is great for me, since i have battled with eating disorders for years. I feel free, thanks IP!
Good for you kid! You will find that your tastes change as time goes on. I tried new vegetables I never dreamed of eating before, new dishes, new spices. It kept things interesting and creative. Now that I started Phase 4, I actually had some of that healthy pasta, a sprouted grain pasta, and it was amazing. It was chewey, filling and had taste to it, unlike white pasta that is really just a carrier for sauce. My joy of cooking has reawakened during this journey and that is almost as good as the weight loss!

Keep it up!

Started Phase 1 January 2011, Phase 2 for 4 weeks, Phase 3 for 2 weeks; started Phase 4 March 27, 2012 !!!!! Yahoo!
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