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Originally Posted by momof2greatcats View Post
EricAnn - this is the Ideal Protein diet subforum of 3FC - NO CARBS! So even that 50 calories of milk (non-fat!) is all carbs and will kick us out of ketosis, the method behind IP. So, unless you drink your coffee BLACK (NO MILK AT ALL) Starbucks is a no go! On this plan we can only have 1 oz of skim milk / day, and that's more than will be in a typical Starbucks drink, I'd think?
Haha, yes they normally would have more than an ounce, sometimes I get lost on these forums, haha, sorry... Buuuuut, with the tea lattes, caffe and americano mistos you can request that they only put an ounce of milk in them (which in a short cup is still substantial).

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