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Originally Posted by momof2greatcats View Post
EricAnn - this is the Ideal Protein diet subforum of 3FC - NO CARBS! So even that 50 calories of milk (non-fat!) is all carbs and will kick us out of ketosis, the method behind IP. So, unless you drink your coffee BLACK (NO MILK AT ALL) Starbucks is a no go! On this plan we can only have 1 oz of skim milk / day, and that's more than will be in a typical Starbucks drink, I'd think?

I didnt realize that it was 1oz of skim milk, because my coach sucks, i had been using Half and Half almost the whole time. So when i found out it was only supposed to be skim, i didnt really worry about it because it never kicked me out of ketosis.

IP limits the dairy because of the sugar in it, but in reality if you stay within the 25 - 30 carbs a day limit it doesnt really matter what your eating. I know this will incite a riot on here, so ill just say im not advocating cheating at all, however, i do have a degree in nutrition so i understand how the body processes food.
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