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Originally Posted by patns View Post
Hi, your post made me think of a quote from DR Oz that I had posted earlier. I will post it again here. It really made me realize the importance of preplanning. That is why so many of us find phase 1 easy after we get going on it. A routine is established and we don't have to think about it too much. With each of the following steps we need to reestablish a routine.

Dr Oz:

The average person eats up to 50% more food when distracted. Plus it takes about 30 minutes for your body to realize you are full, so if you are hungry when you sit down to eat, and you eat as quickly as most Americans do, you are just going to keep throwing down food before that feeling sets in.
The more decisions we make in a day, the more likely we are to make bad decisions-because deciding wears you down. You start making decisions in the morning, and by the middle of the afternoon,you're running on fumes. And as the day goes on, you start to crave more carbs especially women because women tend to make more of the day-to-day decisions in our lives than men.
So to the extent it is possible, don't make so many decisions. Do what you can to automate your life-and your food-during the day.
The number one reason Americans are heavy:the brain, very smartly, wants nutrition. But the average American is not eating nutrients; he or she is eating empty calories. So you finish that 2000 calories and the brain says; Keep going until you get nutrients.
Thanks! I love Dr. Oz too! Once I can make a habit, good or bad, I'm pretty good at keeping it up. Today, my challenge is to figure out Phase 4 snacks and what I can do late morning and late afternoon to help me get to meals without losing it. The process continues...

Started Phase 1 January 2011, Phase 2 for 4 weeks, Phase 3 for 2 weeks; started Phase 4 March 27, 2012 !!!!! Yahoo!
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