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Originally Posted by mooselover View Post
Good Morning (it's early in Alaska). I am in week 5 and I had my very first day of wanting to eat all day long yesterday. I didn't crave anything, or think about any foods I couldn't have, but just felt hungry and wanted something to eat. I didn't have a restircted item, and I always do. So maybe that was it. I will make sure I have a restricted item today.

I have a few things going on with me that I wanted to see if anyone else has them too. I am freezing all of the time since I started IP and my nose runs clear liquid all day long. It will just pour out like water and I have a hard time catching it sometimes. Just seems strange to me.

Hope everyone has a great day.
I don't know if it was IP or just losing all my weight, but I was freezing all winter long. Really hard to deal with, especially if I had a hat, gloves, long underwear and sweaters on, in the house!

My nose is sure dripping more now, but I think that is the early spring we're having here.

Hang in there and good luck to you!

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